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Chord Mojo DAC / Headphone Amp

The Chord Mojo features a cutting-edge DAC and Headphone Amplifier in one sleek and mobile package. With approximately 10 hours of battery life, it's great for sound on the go!

Was $699.00, on sale for $529.00

Chord Electronics 2Qute

Powerful DAC designed and built in the UK. Delivers promising results, and never comes short of sound quality. Versatile, well-built, and a powerhouse for music.

Was $1,799.00, on sale for $1,299.00

Melco NIA

Robust media player with various network options.

Was $2,000.00, on sale for $1,499.00

Soundcast Outcast Jr. portable outdoor speaker

Portable party. This outdoor wireless loudspeaker is battery powered (10 hour battery life) and will blow away any teeny, tiny bluetooth jambox/bone/etc. No competition. This thing absolutely ROCKS and is very durable. LIMITED quantities.

Was $599.00, on sale for $350.00

Okki Nokki record cleaner

Cleans records using a fluid and vacuum tube. Comes with free dust cover ($50 value).

On sale for $499.00