Get a great deal on new Hi-Fi equipment.  Call or see store for details.

Chord Electronics 2Qute

Powerful DAC designed and built in the UK. Delivers promising results, and never comes short of sound quality. Versatile, well-built, and a powerhouse for music.

Was $1,799.00, on sale for $1,299.00

Chord Mojo

Powerful and colorful, both sound and looks.

Was $699.00, on sale for $499.00

Melco NIA

Robust media player with various network options.

Was $2,000.00, on sale for $1,499.00

Dynaudio Xeo 2 bookshelf speakers

Plug and Play and Be amazed! Will destroy any sounder or nearly any stereo near this price point. Complete stereo in compact size. 60 watts per driver amplified wireless high resolution cable (built in DAC). Loudspeakers built in Denmark.

Was $1,599.00, on sale for $1,299.00

ELAC UB5 bookshelf speakers

Three way dual concentric bookshelf speaker on sale.  Limited time offer.  Sale runs 3/25 thru 4/2

Was $499.00, on sale for $399.00

Okki Nokki record cleaner

Cleans records using a fluid and vacuum tube. Comes with free dust cover ($50 value).

On sale for $499.00

Paradigm Prestige 15B

Trade up to new set of Paradigm Prestige loudspeakers.  Bring in ANY set of old speakers and receive 20% off a brand new pair of Paradigm loudspeakers



Soundcast Outcast Jr. portable outdoor speaker

Portable party. This outdoor wireless loudspeaker is battery powered (10 hour battery life) and will blow away any teeny, tiny bluetooth jambox/bone/etc. No competition. This thing absolutely ROCKS and is very durable. LIMITED quantities.

Was $599.00, on sale for $350.00