Ayre Acoustics Codex

Fully balanced w/ zero feedback Codex pictured here is hand built in Boulder Colorado by Ayre Acoustics who helped design the digital cirtuitry in Neil Young's Pono player.    Plugged in to it are the Audeze LCD4 reference headphones. The Codex works as a standalone DAC, headphone amp, or digital preamp, The quality of the sound is perfect for serious listeners, and looks stunning on any tabletop.  Currently available for $1795.  Price increases to $1995 starting April 1st.  



Although very similar to it's predecessor, the Rega Brio-R, this is a whole other beast. Performance under the (new) hood will reveal improvements with circuitry, and inclusion of a headphone amplifier port in the front. Serious performance for the serious listener, coming in at $995.  Outstanding phono preamplifier already built in.  Just add turntable and speakers.  Hand built in Essex England.

BACK IN BLACK - iFi micro iDSD black label

Quick, sleek, portable technology. This is more than just a headphone amplifier. Support for all kinds of headphones, and inputs. Feel like plugging in your iPhone? Play and charge it from the USB port on the side. A USB “OTG” Socket on the back has iPurifier technology built in. Feel like playing a larger system? Pump out audio through Intelligent SPDIF Coaxial. You can properly listen to audio on the go.

Technics SU-G30 Network Amplifier


The R1 Reference class is a prestigious system Technics holds their highest standard to. This was the missing piece of their ultimate system, and now it’s available to the public. The built-in network playback circuit uses Jitter-Elimination Noise-shaping optimization to both cancel jitter and background noise. 100 watts per channel into 4 ohms performs high-speed switching with minimal loss, providing clearer sound. All this coupled with a low-distortion power supply provides an excellent, simple-to-navigate network playback option. Hi-res format support all around with various digital and analog inputs available.

Sony Z9 Television


No photoshop here. That logo is actually being shown on the television. Unlike any other 4K television in it's class, the Z9 delivers the greatest dynamic range possible in a flat-screen. That's thanks partly to the 600-LED-individually-lit backlight that pushes the color and brightness expectation of televisions today. Even more, thank the carefully-perforated grid above the backlight that focuses light into specific regions...so even images of car headlights and neon signs look crisp as text.

ELAC B5 Speaker

It's more than just a bookshelf speaker. These speakers amplify sound throughout your small to medium sized room equally. Put them in the front of your room and they sound the exact same standing in the back. Clothed tweeters and woven woofers make that sound incredibly full. They're a beautifully affordable addition to any hi-fi system.


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