Sony Walkman Gold


Sony's flagship Walkman, the NW-WM1Z, features many of the best technologies Sony has developed in all of their years developing mobile media players. Every part of this player is optimized, from the individual electronic components, the kimber kable made wiring, the incredible DACs built in; all adding up to fantastic sound quality in a mobile form factor. All of this tech is housed in a machined copper housing, which is then gold plated, giving the unit a substantial feel with amazing fit and finish. In our testing we have found this unit capable of powering even hard to drive headphones with great results. At $3199, the NW-WM1Z comes in at the top of Sony's mobile players, a premium price that is echoed in its construction and sound quality.

Naim Uniti Atom

The Naim Uniti Atom is the smallest of Naim’s new family of all-in-one players. The feature list on the Atom is huge, including internet radio streaming, tidal, spotify, chromecast, airplay, Roon ready, and even more. Setup on the unit is a breeze, being available on-screen or through Naim’s excellent ios/Android apps; all you need to do is add speakers and you’ve got great sound. The full-color screen is beautiful, showing the controls as well as the album art of what is playing. One of our favorite features of the Uniti Atom is its oversized aluminum volume knob on the top, which gives a great and unique tactile feel to the unit. With a great sounding Class A/B amplifier, the Naim Uniti Atom is a great sounding and looking heart to any Hi-Fi system. Available for $2995

Dynaudio Special 40

Dynaudio's Special Forties are a celebration of 40 years of loudspeaker design and innovation. Featuring a combination of their latest and greatest driver technologies, including adaptations on their flagship Confidence C1 bookshelf speaker, the Special Forties show off some of the best features of Dynaudio's lineup. On display in the store in a gorgeous laminated gray birch finish, they're also available in a bold laminated red birch. Thanks to their focus on hand-made drivers with wide dispersion and remarkably low distortion, the Special Forties are capable of presenting an amazingly wide and deep soundstage, while still maintaining excellent detail which is true to the music. The Dynaudio Special 40s are available for $3000.

Wax Stacks Record Crates


These gorgeous wooden crates are crafted as separate planks, then shipped here for us to put together. They're versatile, practically managing crates of records in a visually pleasant manner.     Show off your records to visitors, or stack your records like a speaker box. Both ways, Wax Stacks knows how to make record management look great.

Ayre Acoustics Codex

Fully balanced w/ zero feedback Codex pictured here is hand built in Boulder Colorado by Ayre Acoustics who helped design the digital cirtuitry in Neil Young's Pono player.    Plugged in to it are the Audeze LCD4 reference headphones. The Codex works as a standalone DAC, headphone amp, or digital preamp, The quality of the sound is perfect for serious listeners, and looks stunning on any tabletop.  Currently available for $1795.  Price increases to $1995 starting April 1st.  



Although very similar to it's predecessor, the Rega Brio-R, this is a whole other beast. Performance under the (new) hood will reveal improvements with circuitry, and inclusion of a headphone amplifier port in the front. Serious performance for the serious listener, coming in at $995.  Outstanding phono preamplifier already built in.  Just add turntable and speakers.  Hand built in Essex England.