Lump - 2018

Album by LUMP | Laura Marling | Mike Lindsay and Lump

Album by LUMP | Laura Marling | Mike Lindsay and Lump

Before delving into the feeling of the album Let’s go through a bit of background as to what makes this project so special.

Mike Lindsay, a co-founding member, composer and producer of the acid folk band Tunng. As well as a mercury prize winner for his work on the 2009 rap album Speech Therapy by  Speech Debelle. Mike has built quite a reputation and following in the UK folk scene, he is well known for making an ordinary track pop with psychedelia.

Laura Marling started her career at the age of 16 in UK's underground Nu-folk scene, joining Noah and the whale for their first album Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down, as part of the original line up. Leaving the band due to break up with Lead singer Charlie Fink. Laura's  solo career began in 2008 with her debut album Alas, I Cannot Swim; I Speak Because I Can. Since her debut she has released 5 well reviewed LP's and has accumulated a list of awards and nominations in the underground and mainstream music communities.

The result is Lump, a slow burn acid folktronic album that is speckled with beauty and melancholia. I find it the perfect music to play at night, as the drone folk melodies paint a dreamscape of postmodern discontent. The lyrics bring us further into the abstract of the album with lyrics like "paint dots on your wrist to see me in your dreams"  referencing lucid dreaming where the one paints dots on their wrists to distinguish subconscious from reality. I find the album a satisfying flow as we begin with ambiance that drifts into a powerful baseline building to a 7 minute album opener. Flowing to the next few tracks that bring us into an electric folk night dance. Laura words her struggles and demands of being famous with boredom in California and the unnerving "Curse of the Contemporary". Ending on a closing track that feels like guided meditation as Laura quietly reads the album credits to a background of ambiance. at 32 minutes I find Lump a digestible album that rewards the patient listener.  The vinyl record comes with some cool art and a transparent green 180g vinyl. Key tracks: Late to the Flight, Cure of the contemporary.